Sunday, October 24, 2004


Looks like this blog is pretty much going to be abandoned. *shrugs* At least I got the background image to work. It looks pretty.

I think... I should stop avoiding my work and get it done with. I'll feel much better.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Music, and musings

*sings along to AFI* <3>

I am tired. Very.

Yay for people who love me. I love them back. 'Specially Rick and Jane. ^^

I want: A long, hot, relaxing bath. A full-body massage *grin*. A good night's sleep, with no interruptions, no bad dreams, no waking up halfway through the night for unknown reasons and no classes to worry about the next day. Waking up next to Rick would be nice, too.
Instead I get more homework, quick showers that lately haven't been as warm as they used to be (probably because the bathroom's cold), and aching muscles that don't seem to have any reason to ache. :( *sigh* I will live. Just not as happily.

I miss Rick, and Jane's companionship, while helpful, also serves to confuse me as to what I feel for her. -.- Anyway. This is a rant for my journal, not my blog. I may go lay down.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Winter approaches, and so do midterms...

Didn't sleep well last night, for some reason. It could have been the pent-up frustration left over from my math homework and the neglected thesis paper with a rough draft due Friday; it might have been the girls down the hall totally disregarding the quiet hour rules. It may even have been because I stayed up way too late Sunday night and it's just now catching up with me. All I know is that I wasn't too happy this morning and I think I need a nap.

I also closed my fingers in the door last night, though not hard enough to do anything more than make me laugh at myself.

It was cold this morning, I heard someone say 30, and I believe it, because I saw frost on the grass outside Zink Hall. Damn, winter's coming. Seems that it's coming too fast, though. There haven't been enough of those wonderful, cool, crisp, apple picking, running through leaves, admiring the colors kind of fall days... as if summer lasted too long and there won't be an autumn this year.

Time to find my chapstick again.