Friday, July 03, 2009

Grrr, Argh.

The last few weeks seem to have brought intense frustration down upon my head, and I'm reacting with the usual amount of stress and snapping at everything. Every plan we make seems to fall apart like a house of cards, and I can't take it.

For instance: My loan forbearance application went through to AES, and they sent me back a paper with a list of loans for which the forbearance was granted. They neglected to tell me that 2 of my loans, including one Stafford loan and one "alternate" private loan, weren't included. Why they left out my Stafford loan is beyond me, although the alternate loan makes sense. What gets me is that 1) They never told me I still had loans to pay off this month, and 2) They've got the nerve to call my account delinquent for their lack of communication. I don't have the money anyway, which is why I applied in the first place... so the account will have to remain delinquent until such time as I start making enough to pay. It's yet another stressor, and I wish that it would go away.

The wedding, of course, is a huge source of stress. Mostly, it's stressful because we're (possibly?) getting married on the 16th and we don't know what's going on yet. Rick's schedule changes on a daily basis, or so it seems... his supervisors can't find their ass with both hands and can't give him even a rough idea of when he'll be working that week, so we aren't sure he'll even be here to go sign the paperwork. Mom's not coming down, which means less stress as far as performances go, but more because now I feel guilty for chasing her off. Still, we can't exactly promise a wedding on the 16th when we're not even sure one of us will be free to do it. Then there's the issue of an officiant. PA supposedly allows self-uniting marriages, in which there does not need to be an officiant; originally they were offered to those religious groups who had no ordained spiritual leader, such as the Amish and the Quakers, but a State Supreme Court ruling in '07 decided that a couple whose secular beliefs led them to apply for a self-uniting marriage should be awarded the certificate. When we asked, the clerk said they don't even stock those applications because "no one ever asks for them", and we were later told that unless we were Quaker, we couldn't have one. Which is it? Are there none to have, or we just can't have one? Either way, it's frustrating because now we are searching frantically for an officiant who won't attempt to crack open a bible and drone at us when all we want them for is a signature. PA won't recognize internet-ordained ministers either (they demand that the officiant hold regular services with a congregation!), so I can't even ask my stepfather to perform the honors. I'm PISSED about it, and I'm frustrated that so many things are getting in our way.

So yeah. Financial issues, time issues, and the house we were so excited about renting... isn't ours yet. Apparently the wife didn't know that her husband wanted us to fill out a rental application first, and so she waited 4 days and needed an email from me before sending it to us. Grrrr...