Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day #9: Spring Fever

I actually planned on blogging all 10 days that I worked, just to shake things up a bit. Silly me! That's ok though, because aside from telling silly stories about customers and management, I didn't have much to say. When I work long stretches without breaks, my life becomes work, and 'not-work', which in my case means a lot of flopping on the couch and pretending like I just had the most exhausting day in the world and that I haven't got the energy to do anything else. The dishes have been sadly neglected as proof of my supposed overworkedness. So much for this blog motivating me :( You guys need to like, drop by my house and sing girl scout songs with me. My husband won't, but I swear I've been -trained- to sing while I work. Thanks, scout camp!

The worst part about my neglect of house duties is that I haven't really been working that hard by an outsider's standards, and it's embarrassing to say 'yeah, I stood around all day at work and now I don't have the energy left to wash the dishes'.

But you know how exhausting it is to wait for an appointment in a crowded office, or an overdue flight, or an ER doctor when you're in triage and you're not spurting blood from your neck so they overlook you and take everyone else first, which means you spend literally hours waiting? That's what I experience at work every day between customers. Don't get me wrong - sometimes, it feels good to do nothing... but not when it's 8 hours of standing and doing nothing punctuated by 4 customers and a lunch break. When I get home, I'm sick and tired of standing and all my motivation to be productive is gone!

Spring is coming, though, and my hours are decreasing (eek!) and I'm on the hunt for new opportunities, so maybe more house stuff will be done in the interim? :D

...we can only hope! I'm off on Friday, so I'll try to remember to post a forward-thinking friday list with some new things to work on. It's almost gardening season and I can't wait!

Also, since I forgot to mention this earlier in the week: Rick did up a massive batch (ten servings!) of stir fried chicken and veggies with rice earlier in the week, and split it all into serving-size containers in the fridge. It's been SUCH a life-saver! I've had 'microwave dinners' all week, cheaper and healthier than store-bought and with a little extra love thrown in. ;) This bulk cooking has saved us at least $30 in the last week and a half, since if I didn't have instant meals to pack I'd have bought lunch at the food court. I love my man!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ten-day Stretch

Happy Valentine's Day. I hope it was good for everyone! For me, it was just another terrible Tuesday! Or at least, it felt like it. I stayed up too late making a loaf of whole wheat herb and garlic bread and nearly 2 dozen small rolls (with my own home-grown dried oregano from last summer's garden, no less!), and the cat decided that 8am was breakfast time, an hour and a half before my alarm went off for my first day on a ten-day stretch at work. Needless to say, I'm exhausted right now and there's still laundry and dishes to finish. Ugh.

Work was sloooooow today (I would much rather have stayed home and finished the laundry!), but I managed to read an entire book at lunch ("The Kid Who Ran for President", an old kids' book my husband found when we were reworking the library on Saturday). It's the first day of the library's Read-a-Thon, and they're aiming for 20,012 pages read (in honor of the year). I'm well on my way, and tomorrow am going to start Catcher in the Rye. I figure that should get me through most of my loooooooooong work week, right?

One of the girls at work, J, said that she had a really weird experience today in the mall. Some lady ("The most normal looking person ever", J said) walked up to her while she was playing with her phone, and said cheerily: "Jesus loves you! Have a nice day!" I guess she felt like J needed a valentine from Jesus. I suppose it's better than having some creepy-looking guy come up and sniff you and go "You smell good..." (this has happened to someone here)!

Tomorrow is day 2 of 10. Here's hoping it's busy... even if it's just valentine gift returns! Next Friday, I am going to sit on my butt and play games and try at all costs to do nothing of importance... except maybe blog. I haven't done a Forward-Thinking Friday in a while, have I?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bread and Circuses!

...or at least bread.

I've been making Rosemary Flatbread again! Rick can't get enough of it, although he's been bothering me to make some nice whole wheat rolls too... we'll see, but chances are he'll have his rolls this week. I rather enjoy puttering around in front of a hot oven on a cold winter day, don't you?

Tomorrow starts a ten-day stretch of work, which is likely to be terribly slow and boring and tiring in that kind of soul-weary way that standing around waiting for something to happen is tiring. I'd rather work myself to the bone for ten days straight! I've been putting in a few job applications but I'm torn between thinking "I'm perfect for the position, how could they turn me down?" and "With all the applicants they're getting and my lack of social graces, how can I even have a chance?". I'm trying to stay positive, because I could really use a better job. Tomorrow I need to get some follow-up calls going.

This week I'm still working on the house and keeping up with the chores. Nothing complicated, just the basics. I'm hoping to get some better habits going with regard to keeping things tidy! If so, maybe I can even start supplementing this blog with pictures!