Sunday, December 15, 2013

Earth and Heaven

Scent 2. Earth and Heaven is rich and a little bit spicy. The description reads:"Full of the best things of both worlds! This is the scent of a celestial compost heap, and be assured that's a good thing. At least it is to us, and presumably to the wee compost worms that lived diligent lives and went to their just reward. :)
Heavenly frankincense and rich dark chocolate all mulched together with wet earth, a touch of patchouli, and the sweetest, gentlest clove in the world."

This is better than Brownian Motion. My first thought was "I smell like a dirty hippie!" but I didn't. I smelled like a clean hippie. A celestial hippie. If Brownian Motion is the fall day coffee shop scent, Earth and Heaven is the bohemian summer road trip scent. It's totally in my rotation, although I'm not sure I'll wear it to work again. I was entirely too aware of the fact that I smelled like a church/head shop (what? They both smell like incense!). Rick liked it better than yesterday's fragrance, too. He didn't love it but he only made faces at it instead of insulting it so that's progress!

I didn't really get the clove until the very end, but on application the chocolate hit right away, and it's a delicious chocolate. It dissipated really quickly though and I got what I was looking for: the wonderful foresty smell underneath. There isn't a lot of fresh leafy green in Earth and Heaven. It's mostly browns - not a balanced compost heap but a deep humus like a leaf-littered forest floor. The patchouli (or maybe it was the frankincense?) stuck out bold and strong and stayed alllllll day. It lasted beautifully. I'm thinking these fragrances are keepers for the longevity if nothing else!

5/5 Stars, a great rich fragrance with a touch of spice. Leans toward "woodsy oriental" but not nearly as heavy-handed as the orientals I'm used to.

Tomorrow: Four Seasons In Mighty Contention on Trivial Matters.

Brownian Motion

...smells like mocha. Or maybe hot cocoa, depending on your skin. It lasted admirably. I didn't reapply it all day, and I was still getting whiffs of it as I walked around 6-7 hours into my shift. After that it settled down quite a bit but I can detect it on my wrist if I stick it right up to my nose, and it's been 12 hours or so since I put it on. That's pretty good longevity!

Longevity aside, Brownian Motion isn't the greatest scent in the ZOMG Smells catalog - but it's not a dud either. It's a little too chocolate-y and not enough bitter coffee and swirling cream. It's simple and sweet and warm, great for a crisp fall day and although you do get a hint of sharp caffeine at the start, when it leaves the scent is entirely delicious cocoa. I liked the bitterness better, oddly.

Rick thinks (probably because of the sweetness) that it smells like something a preteen girl would wear. That isn't necessarily an insult (he's not exactly a fragrance geek, either) but it's not what I'm going for and he has to live with whatever scents I'm wearing, so this one isn't going to hit regular rotation. I like the scent (which is good, since I spilled it and put the tissue I used to soak it up into my shirt drawer). It's just not "me".

4/5 stars, great longevity and decent projection, true to description on page but somehow not what I was expecting. Simple scent, not a lot of change between application and drydown. Loses its sharp coffee edge as the day goes on and ends in sweet chocolate. Definitely a "gourmand" fragrance.

Tomorrow: Earth and Heaven.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

ZOMG, Smells!

I used to work in fragrances. I love good smells and I love the way scent interacts with emotions and memory and I generally geek out a little around fragrance, even though my work wasn't that involved - I just got into it more than some of my coworkers.

Anyway. For a couple of years now I've had this thing on my christmas list. It's a sampler pack from a teeny tiny little company called ZOMG Smells. They call it a Squee Party, and it's 10 scents of your choosing in tiny sample sizes, and with scents like Camping in a Vanilla Forest, That Dream Where You're Naked at School, and Xocolatl, how could anyone resist?

I could, because I was broke, but there it sat on my Christmas list anyway. Today a package came, and even though the mailman shoved it pretty roughly into our mail slot it was ok, and it was a squee party sampler, and it had the 10 scents in it that I thought I'd like most, courtesy of my sister who is the best gift-giver in the world. Except the rest of my family, because they're pretty damn good too. But right now, my sister is at the top of the list.

And I got even more excited when I opened the package, because the girls at ZOMG Smells are awesome, and threw in extras. Here's what I got:

1. Brownian Motion (wearing it now. I smell like a coffee shop!)
2. Earth and Heaven
3. Four Seasons In Mighty Contention on Trivial Matters
4. Xocolatl
5.Garden Nap
6. Nuee Ardente
7. The Chieftain's Wife
8. Smoky Black Chai
9. Camping in a Vanilla Forest
10. Purple Almond

(and the extras)
11. Deified
12. Zeppelin to the Moon

So over the next few days I'm going to wear each one in turn, review it, and enjoy the heck out of a bunch of fancy new smells.

Although the first thing I did when trying Brownian Motion this morning was spill it on the bedroom floor... so the bedroom smells like a coffee shop now. Oh well!