Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Music, and musings

*sings along to AFI* <3>

I am tired. Very.

Yay for people who love me. I love them back. 'Specially Rick and Jane. ^^

I want: A long, hot, relaxing bath. A full-body massage *grin*. A good night's sleep, with no interruptions, no bad dreams, no waking up halfway through the night for unknown reasons and no classes to worry about the next day. Waking up next to Rick would be nice, too.
Instead I get more homework, quick showers that lately haven't been as warm as they used to be (probably because the bathroom's cold), and aching muscles that don't seem to have any reason to ache. :( *sigh* I will live. Just not as happily.

I miss Rick, and Jane's companionship, while helpful, also serves to confuse me as to what I feel for her. -.- Anyway. This is a rant for my journal, not my blog. I may go lay down.

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