Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Spring 2006

I guess this semester won't be as hard as I expected. Or maybe it will. Here's how things finally lined up:

  • 17 credits. The extra Spanish class (3 more) wouldn't fit in the schedule.
  • 20 hrs/wk work at the library. I was hoping for twice that, but it's not fair to the other student workers... and I suppose this way I'll actually get some sleep.
  • $362.65 worth of textbooks. Ouch?

    Now all I need to do is pay off my credit card, find, finance and buy a car, find an apartment for next year, and remember to practice my Irish Dance once in a while. Eh, this should be an easy semester.

    In other news, the weather here is disconcerting. Last year it was warm until November, but at least January looked... like January. Snow and blowing winds and ice and the works. This year I haven't seen more than a foot of snow yet, and most of the time it's just overcast and windy, in the kind of way that suggests very early spring. Right now it's an icy downpour outside, and even though the forecast calls for snow tomorrow, I'm betting it won't happen. It really makes Global Warming seem up-close and personal - January in Western Pennsylvania and not a flake of snow to be seen.

    Oh, and I bought a helmet. So now the boy can take me out on the bike, once the weather gets a little warmer ^_^. I've only been out with him once but it was fun.


    1. Irish dance? That seems very interesting (I have somewhat of a strange interest in all things Irish).

      Also, why on Earth are textbooks so expensive? I know publishers only get to sell them once, and people often sell used textbooks and all, and it takes money to print, but I also think it discourages education by making it one more expensive thing to dish out of one's pocket... grr. Way to go http://www.maketextbooksaffordable.com

    2. Being part Irish, I figured it was a good idea to "celebrate my heritage" (and get some exercise).

      Thanks for the link. I'll spread the word; we students need all the support we can get.