Monday, July 17, 2006


Tonight was a link-jumping night. I started here - at the MysticWicks forum. The thread is interesting, to say the least. From there, I hopped to a blog that seems to be encouraging all kinds of interesting beliefs in the name of proving that 2012 will be an eventful year. Honestly... what year won't? From the blog, I jumped to a news article about Europe and this very interesting essay. That's where I found this quote:

"Half of the nearly two million Iraqi casualties are children under the age of five. That's more than 330 WTC's full of little kids. By comparison, only six children under the age of five died on September 11, 2001."

Makes you think, doesn't it? Why are we doing this to the innocents of the world when there are murderers in the streets of NYC and "terrorists" crossing the border to Canada (and probably coming back in, too)? What did a five-year-old girl from Iraq ever do to Dubya that she deserves to watch her family die or become cripples at the hands of American WMDs? We bomb them because they can't fight back, apparently. Just once I would like to see our beloved president put up against the wall and facing a lineup of the people he's sentenced to death because of the American Government's lust for oil and power. Women, children, fathers; dying to keep the H2s on the road. There is no reason for this holocaust. But we're in America, and I'm supposed to be patriotic. Heil Bush!

To those who still blindly support the "War on Terror *(for Oil)":
I hope you spend an agonizing eternity staring at the torn bodies of the people you murdered.


  1. So, what are you doing about being a witting accomplice to this evil? Have income? file a 1040? using a motor vehicle for transportation? sucking off of the gobbermint tit for student loans? How much are you willing to 'sacrifice' to be unaffiliated with these crimes?

    Me? what taxable income (even by their definitions)? Waiting for jail time for not filing. Transportaton? about 75 miles on bicycle this week, including a 20+ and 40+ for work, and considering going to Damien's grad party (and back) as a "next level" distance.

    Damien says your bike is just fine, and E uses it. I'll check it next time down.

  2. STFU, unless you can help me with my financial aid/pay my bills/pay off my credit card debt so I can live without working 'for the government', give me a reliable source of all-weather transportation (and find a way to maintain it without going to a store to buy the tires, WD-40, etc that even a bike needs), and find a way to work and pay the bills wihout taxes.