Sunday, September 30, 2007


Fae is sick of people lately. I have a co-worker who can't take directions from anyone on the same pay scale as her, we have to deal with a library employee who thinks it's her jurisdiction to work out schedules for security when she is only head of circ/reserve, my boss just got fired, my new boss is unknown but our department supervisor hasn't been spotted (at least by me) yet and our slightly more direct supervisor hasn't contacted us at all... I can't log in to submit my payroll hours so I can get a check in 2 weeks, and haven't gotten a check yet so this friday will be my first since the semester started, and I'm so tired of people not using turn signals that I swear I'm going to start carrying a loaded dart gun and shooting at their taillights next time I see someone doing it.

I am tired of full-grown, "educated", fully functioning adults who by all medical definitions are in their right minds acting like they have no idea what the words "Responsibility", "Teamwork", and "Planning" mean. There is no reason for any of this to have happened. My boss should still be here, the nosy other boss should be minding her own business, the co-worker could very easily make that little bit of effort to be here on time and the turn signals? Not even going there. No one's perfect but people around me are making mistake after mistake after mistake and not even apologizing for it, and it's driving me up a wall. I'm reasonable, but not after you've walked in late for the fifth time this semester with your cell phone to your head, and not done any of your work all night.

And to the co-worker who will never see this:
You are not a solo entity. Grow up. Learn to follow directions and work as a team. I was not ordering an inquest into your personal life, I was expressing concern that you weren't doing your job. And you're not. So I'm going to talk to someone about it, and if they decide to fire you, then good. If they don't I expect an improvement in your behavior. Yes, I did take a "management" role for a few days while no one knew what to expect. Excuse me for wanting things to run smoothly. I, like most people, enjoy it when something goes smoothly. But you, in your infinite self-worth, think I'm not high enough on the chain of command to ask where you were after you came in late yet again and told me that "no one comes in that early". I come in that early. So does at least one other co-worker. No one, to my knowledge, was told we could come in late, or the schedule should have been changed to reflect that. So please, either actually do your job, or I will gladly write you a reference for a new one, because I will not work with someone who puts their cell phone above their work.

And to the other co-worker, who is also coming in late or not at all (although I know you are busy with many other things): Give us a call when you're not coming in, ok? Please? I really don't want to have to tell our supervisor that you are pulling no-shows when you promised you would be here. I like you more than I like her, but that doesn't excuse your behavior and I'm starting to think I should complain about you too.

I'm a bit cranky, don't mind me. The weather's getting cold again, I'm tired, my wisdom teeth come out next week because the dentist re-scheduled me, the rent is due and there's just so much posturing going on around here that I want to scream. Why is it that groups of human beings are so inefficient unless controlled every step of the way?

I'm glad I'm going to be a librarian. Books don't have pissing wars.

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