Friday, December 28, 2007


That's right folks, it's time for the NaNoWriMo equivalent to New Years' Resolutions: The Year of Doing Big, Fun, Scary Things Together. Want to learn to pilot a plane? Get your house clean? Finally lose that last nagging 5 pounds? Improve your tennis game? Get in on the action with the same lovable people who brought you National Novel Writing Month and Script Frenzy for this year's Big Fun Scary Things. You know you want to, and what better way to start than with a worldwide support group?

My Big, Fun, Scary Goals for this year are:

1) Get up on time.
2) Spend at most 3-4 hours per day on the internet, including over weekends and breaks. Oh, this one will hurt.
3) Attend at least one job fair and apply for at least three separate jobs by the time I graduate in May.
4) Apply for 3 grad schools by the end of January.
5) Exercise twice a week - my choice of yoga, running, bicycling (riding to campus and back doesn't count), swimming, and weight lifting. If it goes well, increase to 3 times a week by the end of the year.
6) Find and buy a house under $75k. Make it work out with my new job placement.
7) Wedding plans. Need I say more?
8) When I have a job, put away $50 every month (if possible) toward buying something nice.
9) Take the PA MSF course.
10) Keep one room in the apartment (probably the kitchen) CLEAN. Dishes washed and put away, laundry not left in the washer/dryer, table cleared off, stove clean, floor mopped and vaccuumed, fridge cleaned out regularly and bills in the caddy. If possible, spread clean-ness to other rooms!

I posted it on the forum, I'm posting it here, and when I get back to PA I'll post it on my wall. It will stare at me until I finish every last goal and check them off with a fat red Sharpie. I'll be updating my progress in this thread if you'd like to keep track of me, goad me on, yell silly things as you fly by on the wave of your own new goals, or just feel like some time-wasting reading: Mossy's Personal Goals Checklist. Don't let me forget to update!


  1. To think that number 2 looks like the toughest one of them all. =D

  2. Oh, and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year btw!

  3. Hey! I'm Tistin from the NaNo boards... You told me to post a comment on here when I got my blog started, so here I am. =)

    Number 2 would probably be the most painful for me. I'm an internet junkie, what can I say? =P Good luck with your list!