Sunday, June 08, 2008


2 weeks ago I finally chopped my long hair off.

In case you can't see the numbers, that's over 20"

It's been sent off in a tidy little ponytail for Locks of Love. Then, I had the nice hair place down the road trim it and layer it slightly, and I did a quick home dye job (temporary, of course!).

It's so nice to have a fresh new haircut!

So if you haven't seen or heard already (sorry, Mom!), now you know what to expect next time you see me!

And in other news I've sent off applications to the state government for a civil service position as a clerk typist... plus I handed in an application for Taco Bell on Thursday. I'm hoping that since they're not actively hiring they won't call back. If they do, though, at least it's a job.

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