Monday, July 28, 2008


This lovely blurry cell phone picture represents my very first "real" harvest from my garden. I pulled up a lot of lettuce last week for use on burritos, too. The blueberry tomatoes, true to their name, are tiny! They make up for it in flavor and juiciness, though. I could eat them like snack food... mmmm! And the peas are amazingly sweet; I don't think I'd want to cook them because I'm afraid to ruin the fresh-from-garden taste. I did leave the beans on the stalk a little too long but they're still ok in soup (I dropped them into my ramen today with some leftover beef).

I'm proud of the garden this year. It doesn't look like much, but it's giving me some pretty good returns for a few days' worth of planting and watering.

Still jobless, though. Sigh.


  1. It'd be nice if you got to see my garden sometime before things go past their prime. I've been pulling cukes, zukes, lettuce, peas, and beans out of there like nobody's business. Had so many zukes that I set up a roadside stand to sell some off.

    My tomatoes are just getting into their full swing, but I have plants that will produce tomatoes of multiple shapes and colors... should be interesting if I decide to make sauce or salsa.

  2. Next time we can afford to come north I'll try to see it. :) Lucky you, having space for a garden and all... bah. :p I don't think zucchini would grow so well in a pot.

  3. Nom nom NOM!

    I miss garden fresh veg's.