Saturday, February 14, 2009


Crossposted from here:

Until further notice, the wedding ceremony is canceled. We will still be getting the marriage license and taking care of the legal end of things, if you are interested in signing as a witness for us or just being there for the "big day".

Planning was slow from the start but lately we haven't gotten anything done and I have come to the conclusion that it's just not meant to happen right now. Our funding isn't there, and neither is my drive to search for another 40 hours for a site that is within our budget, can hold 150+ people, allows alcohol, doesn't force their own catering on us, has parking and is centrally located. We have decided instead to invite a few people to be there when we sign the marriage license in a few months and to plan for a larger ceremony later when we can afford it and aren't as stressed.

This means:

* The bridal party is invited to come out and see us, but as most of you are rather far from Indiana, I won't blame you for not showing up. We'll just have to plan visits soon, as jobs and weather allow it.
* Family members are certainly welcome as well, but again as most of you are somewhat busy and none are right here we'll work out visits within our means and celebrate with you all then.
* Wedding gifts, while accepted, are not necessary. We currently have everything we need to set up a new home, except funding. If you are planning a gift, please consider helping us with buying a home - we would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

There is no official date for the marriage as of yet, but we will let you know when we set one. Thank you all for your support!

~ Dawn


  1. Hey Seestar.. I'm a bit relieved to hear that a big ceremony is off for now (especially since I probably won't be able to make it home this summer), but I promise next time I come to town I'll be throwing you a little fiesta. Girls night on the town followed by lots of catching up, sharing secrets, and maybe ending with a movie or some such? Your call. :) As your maid of honor I won't let you down! We can even do all that fun wedding planny stuff together for whatever indefinite date in the future you do plan on having a ceremony (if/when). <3

    When are you signing the paperwork and making it all official and stuff? Cuz I'd feel bad if I missed it and didn't shower you in gifts and money and confetti and the like. I'll call you sometime in the next week or two to catch up (and to wish you happy birthday!).

    LOVE and MISS you!!!

    Ps. I snickered at the word verification: semingot


  2. The official date is "whenever we both have two free days close enough to each other to apply for the marriage license and then actually go get hitched". Which means that with school, Rick's taking a second job, and all that other good stuff it'll probably be mid-summer before we get around to it. We'll let you know for sure when we figure it out, but I can assure you it won't be any time before May!

    And you'd better call... although on my birthday I'll either be doing jury duty or working 9am - 7:30pm without much of a break, so expect to get my voicemail.