Thursday, September 02, 2010

Some days, I cry for humanity.

I'm all about saving the world, one person at a time... but this? This is just sickening and I don't think my comment will be posted, but even if it does, I'm re-posting it here because I think more of us need to speak up against the irrational hatred on all sides of the political mudslinging ring.

Comment as follows is the exact wording left on "No Left Turnz":

I care more about my cats than about most people because most people don't give a flying... I'm not even going to finish that sentence. Let's just say that until we all stop flinging mud at each other in selfish little "No, I'M right!" squabbles, I'll keep enjoying the company of my non-judgmental little kitten more than that of the selfish, miserable, disconnected human race. I still love humanity dearly and I still work every day to try to make my world better and make the people around me healthy, happy, and glad to have me around... but I despair of my cause every time someone posts something like this miserable diatribe, because it speaks to the human tendency of "Us vs Them" so strongly and I would give my life to see that tendency wiped out. WHY must we divide ourselves?

I'm by no means insane but I do love nature. Does that mean I am a target for your hatred? Should I be embracing stainless steel and concrete instead? I've never heard the term "skyscraper-hugger", but is that what we should aspire to be? Just because a couple of bad eggs jumped into the "environmentalist" basket, am I supposed to shun the label entirely? Aren't hunters and farmers environmentalists? If not, what should I call them?

This entire blog is really the epitome of selfishness and hatred. The devil's in the details, so to speak - and this little detail, this little corner of the web, is perpetrating the exact kind of hatred and divisive thinking that prevents all of us from reaching that mythical "better tomorrow". Instead of wasting your time spreading hatred online, why aren't you out helping your community in whichever way you feel you can serve them best?

I do not hate you, but I am ashamed for you. You are the reason I will never call myself a conservative OR a liberal. I refuse to associate myself with any party that agrees that hatred and slander is a good use of its time and energy, and I cry for those who are too wrapped up in tearing down what they are opposing to work toward what they promote.

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