Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Whine Wednesday

It's time for.... Whine Wednesday, wherein I moan and complain about all the terrible things that have happened to me and justify my horrible mood. If I remember, I'll try to do a Thankful Thursday tomorrow to make up for the whining.

  • Sore throat started last night.
  • The cat/dog woke me up 5 times this morning before 10am.
  • The dog chewed through yet another pair of underwear last night and tried to play with my only pair of work-appropriate black tights too. I swear she's trying to keep me indoors by eating all my clothing.
  • Sinuses have been draining icky green snot for days.
  • This morning it's snowing, and it's the nasty wet kind of snow you get when it's barely freezing outside, and it's forecast to do this all week.
  • I have work 8:45am - 5pm tomorrow. I won't even see daylight before/after work because of the cloud cover and early sunset. Ack!
  • It's -cold- in here, and we still haven't fixed the big gap in the back door frame that lets a lot of air in.
  • Rick's asleep (still) after staying up till god-knows-when playing video games.
  • I have a headache on top of the sinus issues and sore throat and nausea. Wooo!
  • Did I mention it's snowing?
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