Sunday, November 20, 2011

You know you've gotten into serious "I'm a crazy homesteader" territory when you find yourself standing at the stove after an eight hour day at work, happily stirring a new icing recipe on the stove while enjoying the smells of a fresh homemade pizza in the oven and a watching a nice white cake in the toaster oven.

...ok, I may have over-cooked the cake a teensy bit, but the frosting turned out pretty damn good for a first try! (The pizza was amazing as always, but that's a given because Rick did the toppings, and I did the crust, and we are an awesome pizza-making machine!)

Next up, making a batch of cupcakes so I can use the rest of the frosting, and putting together some good recipe-in-a-jar ideas for Christmas gifts! :) It's going to be a mostly homemade Christmas this year.

Here's the frosting recipe, if you're curious:  German Chocolate Cake Frosting II. Despite the title, it is not in fact chocolate at all. It is however delicious and coconut-y, which is Rick's favorite. ;)

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