Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shoppe Here!

There's a billboard on a road I drive every day. There are actually several billboards, but only one for this particular retailer. It caught my eye first because during Christmas it had some stupid Santa-gets-fit crap on it. After the holiday, they changed the ad and for a while it confused me greatly. It's one of those moving billboards, that switch ads every few seconds by flipping their entire surface to a new one (Those things are magic. The guy who designed them deserves a massive bonus from the ad industry). On all 3 sides, the post-holiday shop ads said things like "Your One Stoppe" and "Shoppe Local." with the name of the health retailer at the bottom. It took me a good week or two of driving past that curious billboard, wondering why they spelled Shoppe the olde English way and then crossed it off, to realize that the billboard was placed behind a squat beige building that holds... a Health Supplements "Shoppe".

I've been wanting to share that for weeks. A picture would've said it more succinctly but I don't take photos while driving so you'll have to do without.

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