Friday, April 13, 2012


March was a tease. The weather was so amazingly good and warm and sunny that I planted my entire raised bed in six kinds of lettuce and salad mix. Most of it didn't come up, because the week after I planted, it got COLD. I tried covering it, and then I gave up on covering it and let the frost happen, and then it rained/sleeted/hailed one night, and I'm just going to have to go out and re-plant. Oh, well.

Serves me right for being overenthusiastic about spring.

It's here for sure, now! I think.

Oh, and I got hired at a big home improvement store. Working two jobs this month has been interesting, except for the bit where job #1 doesn't recognize my new limited availability and is still scheduling me all over the place, and changing a schedule there requires forms filled out in triplicate, signed, stamped, dated, and delivered to the Ravenous Rugblatter Beast of Traal, where they'll be eaten as dessert after somebody's grandmother.*

I got a call from a nonprofit I applied to in December. It's not the world's greatest lead, but it's a callback...

*actually it just involves asking the manager to speak to the office, which may be worse than the beast because at least you know what happens to your request when a beast eats it.

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