Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Opportunity Cost

Today I have a company training from 12:15 to 1:15, with a free lunch (hooray) afterward. It's worth the gas cost to go to the training, because I know I'll learn something new and come away with a few ideas for work.

I'm also scheduled to work tonight, 6-9:15. The 4-hour gap between when lunch will presumably end and when my work shift begins is a dead zone, and I'm debating the options. I could: stay at work, clock in early, and get paid to stand there for four extra hours; stay in the area but not at work, and get some window-shopping in; come home and have to drive right back out for work this evening.

Staying and working is the most financially lucrative option, but it deprives me of countless opportunities at home (like getting the dishes done and doing some gardening), and it's bound to be too quiet for me to feel productive unless I start making up things to do. I -hate- feeling useless, it's a gorgeous day outside and the store is always overly cold.

Staying and shopping might actually cost me money, but it will cost less in gas than driving all the way home and it will allow me to do some digging for things I've been meaning to find, without feeling pressured for time or having to do it after work some other day. If I get done with my shopping early enough I can still clock in early, too.

Driving out, while it allows me to gain another 3 hours at home (minus the time spent getting ready to go back and eating dinner), also costs me a gallon of gas, or approximately 30 minutes of pay at my current rate. The commute time is short, but do I really want to use that much gas to avoid being at work earlier?

I'll probably do some shopping. At least I'll get to see the sun that way!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shoppe Here!

There's a billboard on a road I drive every day. There are actually several billboards, but only one for this particular retailer. It caught my eye first because during Christmas it had some stupid Santa-gets-fit crap on it. After the holiday, they changed the ad and for a while it confused me greatly. It's one of those moving billboards, that switch ads every few seconds by flipping their entire surface to a new one (Those things are magic. The guy who designed them deserves a massive bonus from the ad industry). On all 3 sides, the post-holiday shop ads said things like "Your One Stoppe" and "Shoppe Local." with the name of the health retailer at the bottom. It took me a good week or two of driving past that curious billboard, wondering why they spelled Shoppe the olde English way and then crossed it off, to realize that the billboard was placed behind a squat beige building that holds... a Health Supplements "Shoppe".

I've been wanting to share that for weeks. A picture would've said it more succinctly but I don't take photos while driving so you'll have to do without.