Thursday, November 07, 2013

Wheat Free No More.

After a test week of gluten-free that didn't leave me feeling any better but did open my eyes to the royal pain it is to avoid bread when your husband loves baking, and then two more weeks of eating plenty of wheat and having no discernible reaction that could be attributed solely to wheat, it would appear that wheat is not the issue or at least not the whole issue. I've "tested" cookies (chocolate chip!), lemon squares (flour in the crust), various breads, cream of mushroom soup (wheat as a thickener), pizza... and while I did have a major bloating reaction to something the other day I couldn't pin it on wheat. I might be reacting to onions but only the dried, minced onions we buy in bulk. Rick likes to top his loaves of bread with them and cooks with them in a lot of dishes. I'm guessing it's deeper than an intolerance to onions though, because I seem to be able to eat fresh-cooked onions just fine (I don't like them raw anyway).  Back to square one. Maybe it's just hormones, or stress. I've been stressed a lot lately.

We're hosting a big family Thanksgiving for the first time ever, next weekend (the 17th). I'm excited, but also nervous, and the house is in no condition to show off to guests (of course). So this week is CLEANING EVERYTHING WEEK, and maybe some patching/painting/shuffling things around to host eight people in our tiny dining room. The good news is that I might actually have the Christmas decorations put up early this year, with help from my mom and sisters!

Also NaNoWriMo. But that's kind of a low priority at this point. I'm staring down the fact that I'm never going to be a published author if I don't finish writing something, but at the rate I'm going I won't finish anything before I'm 40. So be it. I'm always a late bloomer. Maybe I shouldn't have named my blog after a spring-blooming flower!

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