Thursday, September 30, 2004


I'm going to collapse after this week is over, and I think it's because I'm so inconsiderate of my body's wants. My legs still hurt a little, my back's finally stopped hurting (for a while sitting up straight on this ball made my poor weak back muscles complain) and I'm tired enough to half-sleep through chemistry (yeah, the class is that boring). But I'm getting some things done and I'm mildly happy. Now, if I can manage to get to the health center any time soon... (I *hate* health center-type places, they make me nervous). I'm trying to get up the motivation but it's just not available. There's enough for me to do right here in front of the computer without going to Pechan, too. And it's only open weekdays from 9-4, as if they expect students to have free time then... Meh. I could have today but it just didn't happen before core, since I had a paper to write. I guess it'll have to be tomorrow, after core.

On the plus side, all that walking around campus plus two or so days of actual running every week have increased my muscle tone a bit. w00t.

Hm. I am increasingly drawn to Enya as the playlist of choice when I'm at the computer. It's so much more relaxing than the rock I have and it's in English, so I can sing along better than to say, X Japan. ^^ I'm off to do hw now...

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