Monday, February 14, 2005


Is it sad that we miss each other already?

I liked having another person in the room. It was good to come "home" after classes today and have him here, waiting for me. It was wonderful to have someone to hug at random, someone to curl up next to and watch anime with, someone to laugh with. I felt like I was complete, and I was content to stay that way.

But he stayed the whole weekend and today as well, and that's more than I'd ever ask of him most times. The roses were a romantic touch to the weekend... 18 of them in colors that rival the sunrise. They're beautiful; I put them in the vase he sent me with the last bouquet. This has been the best Valentine's Day of my short life, and I don't think I'll ever forget it.

We saw a Korean film on Sunday, part of the Indiana Foreign Film Festival. We also went out to eat, at the King Buffet again. ^_^ It's becoming something of a tradition and it's one I like.

And I didn't have a lot of time to miss him right after he left, which is usually when it hits hardest that I have an empty room again. We went to Taco Bell, and afterward he dropped me off at the door of Whitmyre and left. I had to run off to KidsRead. There's a mixed blessing in working with children: you have to focus all of your attention on them, so that there's no time for other thoughts or feelings. I know kids tend to pick up on it when an adult is distant and since I had to be a replacement tutor tonight I was determined to put on my happy face and push everything else away. It worked, until the session ended...

I'm not lusting after him. I just miss his presence, his jokes, his smile. I miss having someone by my side who at least tries to understand me, who makes sure I get into bed early enough that I get some sleep before class, who tickles me randomly just to hear me giggle. I miss the way he sits and watches cars and can pick out a few of them before I even realize they're there. I miss his geekiness and I miss being able to reach out and brush his hair back when those few unruly strands fall forward. It's getting long, and it looks good, even if it does cover up those beautiful blue eyes.

So is it sad that I miss him? He misses me, too.

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  1. *Squeezes* I miss you, but I'll see you very soon :)

    Love you much ^^