Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Observations on a world

copied directly from my livejournal, because I figure that once in a while a random bit of thought deserves a place here among my unfinished ranting
This morning, it rained. Halfway through the morning the weather changed its mind and decided that it didn't care if the temperature was still 40, it was going to snow, and ever since then it's been randomly dropping wet snowflakes and bits of hail over campus in hopes of getting it to stick somewhere.

When I got out of Physics Lab, campus was miraculous. Mother Nature had momentarily stopped trying to reincarnate winter, and everything was crystal-clear - like a 3-D picture that you suddenly see when everything just leaps off the background. It was all sharp edges and points and perfectly defined shapes. The entire world had depth. Forgive me, maybe everyone sees things like that, but I've always had problems with depth perception due to my nearsightedness. Maybe it was just that everything was separate, and each person, building, tree and ripple in the puddles stood out from all the rest. I was watching a scene of thousands of layers put one on top of the other, but none of the layers really seemed like they were interacting, and I wasn't either. There was nothing I could have reached out and touched, not because it would have ruined the illusion but because things were on other layers of existence at that moment.

I must sound like I'm on drugs. I think too much about things, anyone who knows me will agree. There's just so much to think about that I don't want to miss something. gnikniht ekil I. *giggles* I'm paranoid that if I said that forwards someone would come silence me. :P I'm crazy, you know...

Walking back from Ed Psych today, the sky was doing one of its impressive juxtapositions of sun and clouds again and looking absolutely stunning... It seems like Indiana is one of those places that is just blessed when it comes to sunshine. There was a circle of grey cloud all the way around the horizon, and yet right above my head there was pure blue sky so intense that it looked out of place against the faded late winter colors of everything else, and the sun was warm on my face and it was wonderful.

Either the sky here does more beautiful things than the sky over my house and makes me look up more, or I'm just looking up because I'm happy and confident, and noticing what's above me more often. I used to look at my feet when I walked, and I've noticed lately that my feet aren't getting nearly as much attention as the birds, trees and sky. It makes me smile.

Of course, the sun never lasts long on days like this, and it makes me wonder how many people missed seeing it for the brief twenty minutes or so that it was out. My quote of the day yesterday was: "I want to find a nice sunny spot and curl up on the floor and purr." Jane gave me a 'You're Weird, People Don't Purr' Look for saying it, but that's what I wanted to do... It was lovely yesterday, sunny and warm and I went without a jacket, and if the ground had been warmer I would have gone barefoot. I miss going barefoot, shoes are overrated. So is makeup. People look better without artificial enhancement.

Only two and a half days till I see Rick again. Wow. That makes me happy too, because I like having him around ^_^. *hugs him*

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