Saturday, May 14, 2005


It's been a long week. Not so bad at the beginning, because I got to sleep in. But suddenly I'm finding myself very, very tired.

I got to relax all the way to Wednesday, oh joy... and then Wednesday afternoon and evening, and all of Thursday and some of Friday were spent at Dad's house. That meant a lot of work, including cleaning up the house a bit, helping with the porch roof at the cottage, and other such things. I even made a BIG pan of lasagna last night (and yes, I'm sure that's spelled wrong... it's midight, I'm tired). It was pretty good, considering that was a first for me. I almost feel proud of my minimal cooking skills. Maybe I should get some recipes together so I can cook when I get back to college. And maybe I should actually get myself together and make those cherry pies I said I was going to.

Tonight I went to a concert. My friend's mother and sister are both members of a celtic trio called Johnny-In-A-Box. They're not Nickel Creek status (or skill level) yet but they're pretty darn good for a family affair. I enjoyed the music, and the company (thanks, Steph) and overall had a fun evening there. After the band, a local improv group came up (late, but that didn't matter, as more music was just as good as more laughs, in my opinion). They did a few games, got a lot of audience participation and left me laughing pretty hard at some points. Penguins are going to be a funny thing for a while now.

Sister and another friend of mine went to a concert a few blocks from my little artsy cafe - a punk rock show. Lots of local bands, music so loud I'm surpised the glass wasn't shaking in the windows. I would have gone in to find them after I left the cafe, but I wasn't up to wading through 30 punks to find the two I wanted to see, and the ones outside gave me odd looks as I walked by, since a wrap skirt and sandals just don't fit that 'scene' very well. I decided to sit in the car where I'd be safe from both an impending headache and the attention of several bored punks. Tired girl + excited people = no fun.


  1. *sigh* Update but don't get on AIM/MSN... Fine by me...

  2. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME show. :D

    He touched me!!! XD

  3. =) Lasagna isn't spelt wrong (though I'm quite sure it's "spelled" not "spelt"). I made a appel strudel today that kinda ended up like trying to make a tortilla wrap with thin kitchen paper- all the sides ended up exploding and, well, at least it was good food. As of late I've been quite fatigued too.. strange. I can sleep for hours on end and still feel as though I've missed a few more...

  4. Mmm, apple! I could use a good apple strudel right now... ^_^

    Hmmm... both of us tired. Maybe it's the weather? Though usually this time of year I'm energetic, and can't wait for camp. Might just be sitting and staring at the computer or TV all day because nothing else is going on. Laziness seems to make you really lethargic.

    And 'spelt' is a kind of wheat, but I'm not sure it's a verb. :p I'll look it up some time.