Friday, July 08, 2005

Lifeguarding, Lateness, and Life in General

So. I'm back from my first full week of camp. With children. The girls were only there for a three day session, but it was still tiring, because I had to be at lifeguard training half an hour away from camp from 1 to 5 every day. It didn't leave much time for getting to know the campers.

On the postitive side, lifeguarding means spending lots of practice time in the water, and I got pretty tan. The negative side was that the lake we were in was full of seaweed, dead fish and zebra mussels. The mussels were the worst part, since their shells are sharp enough to cut your feet open and therefore we had to wear water shoes at all times. I never wore them before this week, because they suck, and it was tough to swim with them on. Meh. But... I'm a certified waterfront lifeguard now. I passed all the tests today, and so did Mush and Flipper (my co-workers).

I got a cell phone too. Last time I came home, Rick snuck up here and I got to go out with him for the day I was home :). He wanted to replace his cell and so he got me one too. We're on a family plan together, which is cool, and he paid for the phones, but I promise I'll pay my own phone bills. ^^ After all, I'm making more in these six weeks of camp than he is doing six weeks full-time work.

My new(er) car is still uninsured, but I'm going to work that out tomorrow, and if the DMV is open I'll see about registering it too. Meh. Meh, Meh.

Anyway, I'm tired and I wanted to take a hot shower but sister got there first and used all the hot water and I'm too lazy to go back in now that the water's likely to be warm again. I still have laundry to do too. And I miss Rick a lot, as usual. Mom was late picking us up tonight, which made everything seem much worse, because two hours is a long time to wait for a ride when you're not sure when the ride's coming and in the meantime you're being eaten alive by insects and watching half your co-workers getting excited and packing and leaving for Camp Arrowhead. Yeah, that was fun. NOT.


  1. Even buying you the cell phone doesn't spur you into calling me. -_- (In my own defense for not calling you, I didn't know if you were still at camp :P)

  2. Must be nice to be a certified waterfront lifeguard... its a skill you'll probably have good use for sometime.