Monday, July 04, 2005

Of camp, and other things

I lost my wish bracelet. Finally. It fell off sometime during the week and I didn't realize it until after Thursday, which means that it could have been dropped in half a million places. I don't mind, though. Two of the three wishes are already coming true, and the third seems to be promising as well.
I have a car. And it's not the Toyota Camry I was expecting I'd get. Dad's selling that one, and has offered (and actually bought for me today) a little '91 VW Golf. It's white, which I don't like, but it's got the coolest bumper stickers ever (it belonged to some aging hippies) and once it's polished up a bit it'll be a great little car. And it's still a standard, which means lots of fun learning to drive it in Jamestown and the surrounding area. I hope the drivers around here will forgive me for stalling in the middle of an intersection. :p
I get lost easily. When I picked up the Golf today with Dad, it was out in the middle of nowhere somewhere near Cherry Creek, and I had to get back home on my own with the new car, so I definitely took the long way around because I couldn't remember which way to go. It was slightly frustrating getting lost but I found my way back okay and didn't have to turn around or ask for help. I guess I'm proud of myself for not getting so lost I didn't know which way was up, but next time I'm going to Mapquest my destination before I leave the house. It's sad that I can't find my way around my own county yet.
I'm taking a lifeguarding course this week, so I will be away from camp for five hours a day. The great part is that not only do I get the chance to be a lifeguard at camp after I take the course, the Girl Scouts are paying for it. How long does a lifeguarding certification last? I'm sure it'll be useful outside of camp even if it's only a year-long certification anyway.
Camp is fun. We got a bunch of cup stacking stuff... you know, the sport that Canada does a lot? Yeah. Well, we're now practicing so we can teach our little girls how to stack cups. Wow. The little children arrive on Wednesday. I get to be with an archery group.
There are two international counselors from Denmark and Russia. Russia is good at ping pong and is teaching all of us. She's also teaching my sister a bit of Russian, which is amusing, especially because some of the words sound particularly dirty even though they mean things like "how" and "fine."
I miss everyone like crazy, especially Rick.
'cept he's here now, so it's okay. 'Night!


  1. Are you the type that asks questions when lost? =) Wow. I'd love to be a lifeguard. I'm hoping to take Emergency Medical Services at my college... it's a skill I know I won't regret possessing.

  2. Actually, I tend to try to figure things out on my own. I'm very defensive about being independent when I've got the opportunity, even if it means getting myself a little more lost.
    Lifeguarding is a tough course, and in the lake we were learning in, we had to deal with cold water and waves. Take a course in a pool if you can. EMS is a great skill, I hope you do well in the class. :)