Wednesday, August 24, 2005

All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go...

Yep, I'm all ready to head south again. The plan is to go to the boy's first, and stay there till the dorms open, then have him follow me up to school so I have someone to help me unload the Golf. I actually managed to fit everything (excluding the computer, obviously) into its tiny hatch, thanks to the back seat folding forward. The computer and the last few things I'm using today are going to fit, too. I'm excited about that; I like being (mostly) independent.

My cat is ill. Actually, it's my sister's cat, and I'm sure if you asked the cat, she'd say we all belonged to her, but that's beside the point. She had a seizure this morning and another this afternoon, something I've never heard of in a cat, and while I wasn't there to see the first one, apparently it scared my mother into thinking Princess was dying. The vet says she's fine, but a little underweight and has a bad ear infection (mom had thought it was just ear mites). Little sister is worried, middle sister cares but isn't praying too hard about it. I'm more or less unconcerned, as an ear infection isn't the worst that could happen by far, and there's nothing any of us can do for the seizures except make sure she's not going to hit her head on things. It won't do any good to worry about a situation that we can't change, even if it does seem callous not to.

I'm shopping for a mini fridge still. The school charges $30 a semester for a fridge and microwave set that are both tiny and if you add up the cost, it's cheaper to buy both than to rent them. The microwave was an easy find, but the fridges seem to be rare, because I couldn't find any acceptible ones in WalMart or elsewhere here. I've resorted to EBay, and dug one up that can be picked up from someone in PA, which is convenient, and it's also cheap. Three cheers for the internet. Now I hope I win the auction.

Signing off blogger till after I get to the apartment. Love to you all who read this, and I'll see some of you soon :)

By the way, raise your hand if my post title caused you to break into song. Thinking the lyrics counts.