Saturday, September 17, 2005

Toe, hop, back ... wha?

Tonight, I continued to learn something that I've always been fascinated by: Irish Dancing. Remember Riverdance? I get to do a simplified version of it. They danced hardshoe, which is more difficult... but I'm learning softshoe steps, and it's really exciting. The teacher is a fellow student who's been dancing for years and the other people in the 'class' are just great, all very enthusiastic even though most of us would normally classify our feet as Left and Left. Anyway, we're into our third week of meetings and we've learned three sets of steps. One is a circle dance that's incredibly simple and incredibly fun. So I'm finally getting to take dance lessons, no thanks to the mother who said I couldn't do ballet :P And this kicks ballet's tutu any day.

In other news, my job is exhausting, but at least I'm going to be paid in two weeks. The worst part is just the monotony of DHC (Dining Hall Cleanup), which I was put on three times this week even though I'm only scheduled for twice. Not that I'll complain openly - I get paid $0.35/hr more to take out the trash.

I've got to adjust to not having much time for Life any more. With 16.5 credit hours of classes (and one's a science/lab which takes up 4 hours a week, but is only worth 2.5), 18 hours of work, ushering, group meetings, KidsRead and homework, I'm looking forward to Sunday as my only partial day off.

And I'm also looking forward to bedtime. Good night, world.


  1. And here's me with the 40+ hour workweek and nothing else to do...

  2. wow. You're incredibly busy! I envy you and your Irish Dancing though: I've been meaning to go watch Riverdance some time (not the movie). I hope the job doesn't kill you too much. I have it pretty well considering I tutor at convenient hours at $8 an hour and supervise midnight parties for twice that much. I don't know about how the credit system works, but all of my classes are only worth 4.5 credits... good luck once more and keep updating!

  3. The credit system here usually equates the number of hours you spend in class each week with the number of credits the class is worth. Thus a MWF hour-long class is worth 3, as is a TR hour and a half class. I have to have 48 credits to get into the teaching block next semester... and so on. How do yours work?

    I'm tutoring, but my other job only allows it once a week, so even though I might have gotten $7/hr as a worker there, I'm volunteering. Besides, I'm making more with my 18 hours a week of foodservice than I would with 6 possible hours a week tutoring. ^^ You are lucky.