Sunday, July 08, 2007

Can't get any worse...

(knock on wood)
(7:21:47 PM):
Hey. You know that stupid little sister of ours?
middlesister (7:21:57 PM): Yeah. That one. The cops just called.
middlesister (7:22:00 PM): .....
middlesister (7:22:01 PM): o.o
middlesister (7:22:40 PM): Anyway, since you're not on I'll just let you know all that I've been informed of. Which is trespassing and maybe something about alcohol.
Me (7:25:54 PM): ...isn't she still grounded?
middlesister (7:27:03 PM): Yeah.
middlesister (7:27:09 PM): She was grounded, and regrounded
Me (7:26:32 PM): Is mom home?
Me (7:26:35 PM): And is E home?
middlesister (7:27:16 PM): uh huh
middlesister (7:27:18 PM): and no
middlesister (7:27:27 PM): she's at la estacion de policia
middlesister (7:27:38 PM): correction
middlesister (7:27:44 PM): the cops just pulled in with her in tow

...So begins the worst hour I've had all year, and it comes the day after my $300 glasses lose a screw and have to be brought into the optometrist tomorrow to see if they're covered by warranty, I get home to find that my credit card bill was due on Friday and my bank account is empty, after a week up north forgetting that I had bills to pay and unable to print the loan application that will now take another two days to print and get in the mail and 2 weeks to get money from, at least, and to top it all off, we just got a cancellation notice from our insurance company because we owe them $400 too.

Please tell me life gets easier after college. Tell me that 15-year-olds are capable of reasoning once in a while. Remind me why I bother caring when all it gets me is disappointment. I'm frustrated and angry and worried and I'm not even her mother; I had so little to do with raising her especially the last few years... but I still care. God forbid my children ever do something so stupid.

*screen names changed, obviously

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