Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry xmas!

This is a photo of a christmas card I got from one of my online friends. What does it say that I can't see my family for xmas and haven't gotten anything in the mail from any of them, whether or not they expected to see me this year, but I've gotten cards from 4 people who I've never met in person? To be fair, my family has never been big on cards and it's been years since I even talked to my aunt and uncle in CA, let alone gotten a gift from them (or given them one), but still, it kinda stings. Especially when every aunt Rick has is sending him a card at the very least.

A sense of community is a great thing and I'm glad that I have that with someone, even if I can't hug them for the holiday wishes.


  1. =/

    We don't do cards. >.> And you live 2.5 hours from home, not 1500 miles. Postage is 42 cents, airfare cost me $405 (and it keeps going up), so NEH! *sticks tongue out*

    We love you, and we're here for you! Even if it's through internets or telephones instead of real live hugs or stupid hallmark cards.

    *hugs* That's right, it'll have to do for now. =P

  2. ...but WHY do we not do cards? :P It seems silly, and you can't make excuses for other bits of the family, either. And postage is a LOT cheaper than gas! *shrugs*