Monday, May 21, 2012

Harvest! (Already?)

(Yes, already).

So I think I told you guys that I planted radishes, and lettuce, and turnip greens. Did I? Tell you, that is. I definitely planted them, about a month ago when we had a few deceptively warm days and I thought "Oh, good! Spring is here!". Except it wasn't quite, and there was frost, and for a while I didn't know if anything was going to survive, but the seeds that had germinated (about half of the ones I planted, which was better than expected, given that I planted a rather old mix of seed packets) came up and grew. And now...

I have radishes!
German Giant 'Parat'

And lettuce:

And I'm right this moment eating a lovely salad of fresh lettuce and grated carrot, seasoned with thyme and garlic powder and a dash of pepper, and tossed in olive oil and red wine vinegar, along with a nice cold plate of radishes, mozzarella, and sweet pickles. Yum!

There's nothing as awesome (in the grand, amazing sense of the word) as being able to step right out your front door, snip off some greens and have them for dinner five minutes later. It is all the blessing I could ask: to be able to feed myself.

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