Monday, May 28, 2012

Herbs and Veggies

The other day I harvested a HUGE basket of oregano, including some delightful golden oregano. The basket looked so good I didn't want to disturb it. I felt like it belonged in some Better Homes & Gardens photo spread, not in my hands.

There's more left on the plants because I couldn't fit it in the basket. My lemon balm has also quadrupled in size since I planted it two years ago, and it's spread across the walkway somehow and is coming up in the weedy space in front of the gas meter. Time to cut that back, too! Anybody want a clump of lemon balm? :D

The chives are up (I planted them 2 years ago, and the first year I wasn't sure they'd even come up, and last year they were so tiny and fine and I was so bad at watering I was sure I'd killed them... this year they're bigger, and healthy - herbs never cease to amaze me!). So is the garlic (it came up pretty early, actually) and the lavender is still alive. The monarda (bee balm) came back, too. I'm impressed with that one. It all died back last fall and I was so sad! It hasn't flowered yet, but it looks healthy.

The pill bugs (sow bugs? I know there's a difference but I can't tell!) have eaten away at the base of my bean stalks again and this is threatening to kill the beans, and the cat chewed the rest of the seedlings inside, and I have no more seeds. This summer is looking like a bush bean summer since I have loads of those seeds courtesy of my dad! This evening when it cools off I'm headed out to plant more tomatoes (I started some inside, and the seedlings barely sprouted and then wilted on a rather hot, dry day when I sadly didn't water them - I'm an awful gardener, really), some bush beans, cucumber, broccoli, and flowers of various kinds. I figure I might as well use some of my huge seed stash...

Next week I'll start hardening off the few pepper seedlings that made it, and I hope this year we'll actually have peppers!

What does your garden grow this summer?

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