Monday, October 06, 2014


Today (Sunday) I did nothing.

I got to bed late and overslept our alarm. Shot our of bed still groggy at 9:45 to let the chickens out because it was cold enough on Saturday night that I worried they would not be comfortable in their doorless coop. I had shut them in with plywood over the door instead... They were warm but  displeased with their late access to breakfast.

Then I had cookies and cocoa for breakfast. I sat on the couch with my laptop and read articles my friends linked on Facebook and thought how dreary and gray the weather was and how cold the wind and decided I'd rather not go work on winterizing the coop right then.

Except it stayed dreary and cold all day and I had a headache and my eyes hurt. I went to lay down and slept all afternoon, did not feel any better and went right back to the couch and an interesting travel blog from China.

Today was pretty worthless. So I'm going back to sleep, hoping to sleep through the night so I can get up, go to work and waste all of tomorrow too.

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