Monday, March 14, 2005

Change is good... (or is it?)

I have been assigned a new child to tutor, as the other boy stopped coming and his mother has not called. The new child is in third grade, loves to draw and his favorite season is winter (he likes the snowball fights). He's of indeterminable (from my point of view) asian descent, and I believe he doesn't speak English at home much, which would account for his slurred pronunciation of a lot of words. Even so, he's really bright and reads very quickly.

When I told him that he "might be stuck with me" as his other tutor has quit the program, he was pleased and confided in me that he hadn't liked her very much. I hope he likes me better. He asked to draw a picture of me, and I let him; he produced a pretty good likeness in a few seconds. It looks like me, except for the moustache. ^_^

There was a spider in a corner of the bathroom by the door. I looked at it and it didn't move. I was glad, because otherwise I might have jumped - spiders still frighten me. Thank you, spider.

Spring is coming, slowly. I can see grass again, though I wonder if we'll have more snow and it'll be covered up before it warms up for good. I can't believe I'm nearly through my freshman year of college already. High school never went so fast.

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