Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Fragments of thought which would have made up longer entries, had I the motivation.

I went to sleep last night with a polished piece of amethyst in my hand. It was a gift from my little sister, along with a pretty mirror-bottomed box to keep it in. Amethyst is supposed to stimulate the immune system and facilitate spiritual awareness. I was curious whether it would help me dream more vividly or remember them later. I guess not. I woke up this morning to the sound of my stupid, loud country music alarm - I keep forgetting to change the radio station. I don't remember any of my dreams, and I found the amethyst in a fold of the sheet.

Tuesdays seem to hate me. Or maybe it's mornings that hate me... at any rate, this morning certainly wasn't kind. I spilled water on a book I just bought for Core (and haven't totally read), I was almost late for all three of my classes today (and had tests in the first two), I forgot my calculator for the physics test and my good pencil for the math test, and I managed to trip over something invisible on the way to my desk in Physics. And there's a little headache randomly poking my brain and threatening to get worse, though it's been there for over an hour and done nothing extremely painful yet.
Core was canceled today. I can sleep now, I guess.. but I'll likely just read, and find something to eat, and avoid homework.

24 days of class left, according to someone's door. My calendar agrees. Holy acorns, that's nothing! I don't believe I'm this close to being done with my freshman year of college.

I have a job (of sorts). I went to the Penn writer's meeting last night and got an assignment. They pay $7.50 per published story, so if I write one a week I'll actually have an income (though it's hardly a living). And writing for a paper isn't so bad... I just hope my writing is up to par and I can sound objective enough. I think I'll turn in that application to work at the library for next fall. Maybe I'll have a shot at the job.

Grandma is dying. I don't know what else to say about that, I've repeated the story to those who really needed to be told. I probably won't get to see her, but that's all right. Dad and my sisters can bring my love with when they go see her this week.

The forget-me-nots are being pessimists. One of the four is doing rather well, while its companion which was nearly as big appears to have given up and has wilted. In the other flowerpot, the two smaller seedlings are being put through some stress - I just took the lid off their little makeshift greenhouse because they're too big for it. I hope they make it... I want to transplant them to the rock garden at home when I get back for the summer. And I really want to see them flower...

I think too much. I need to follow my heart a little more sometimes.

I'm embarking on a quest of sorts - to read at least half the books in the little tub Rick let me borrow by the end of the semester. It's going to be fun... and time-consuming. At least my homework load this semester is rather light.

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