Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Research Writing professor couldn't have given me a worse time to write this paper. She told us about it on Tuesday (and although I could have found out by reading the syllabus on Monday, who reads syllabi?). It's due this afternoon. I worked on it Tuesday evening at work, Wednesday evening I was at class/work and couldn't do anything because it's halfway typed. Today I have class again - including a map quiz that I didn't get the map for because I was trying to make up for lost time in art by staying to get the materials for our next project - and a two hour break between them to finish this paper in. I also have to start working on a revision of my Spanish paper for Friday, but I can't even start that until I get the RW paper done, because it's due first and I can't possibly find more time for paper-writing right now.

Last night I jokingly asked if I could kill myself at the end of the semester and got two nice hugs for it. Maybe I'll do that more often... except it'd probably scare people. Oh well.

Bright light. Ow. My roommate, who I bitch about sometimes, was considerate enough to lend me her desk lamp so when I got back from work at 2am I could work on the paper without waking her up. Mom, add 'desk lamp' to my Christmas list. And get a good one this time... if you get it from Wal-Mart I shall smite you. With the lamp.

Sleep is a nice thing. Two hours of it is not. I need caffeine.

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