Sunday, December 04, 2005

Typing link: and a url into google (no spaces) will bring up pages that have linked to that address. Apparently, sidebar links don't show up though - I know I'm linked on abandoned hero's blog, and darkheart's, but neither shows up. Oh well.

I miss Rick even though I saw him last night/this morning. It was a short visit but we managed to watch some anime and cuddle at least. I hate being so far away from him. It's been bothering me a lot lately.

And finals week is coming up. I have six finals, at least one of which (Science) is optional. My Spanish Composition final is going to be writing a cover letter for our portfolios - oh boy. My grammar's still awful and we don't get to revise them. Proofreading is a must for that. Science isn't a cumulative test, just the last unit exam - easy. Psych is the second version last unit exam, so it'll be very easy if I have to go at all. I'm not sure about the Eled final but it's an art class - how bad can it be? I'm more worried about Geography, which might kick my arse, and Research Writing, which might put me to sleep. Anyway. Finals will be a breeze this year, for the most part. I also have three papers, two lesson plans and an art project to finish this week. Maybe I should actually be productive tomorrow.

This afternoon I went to my friends' apartment for a Christmas potluck type thing. It was awesome and fun and I'm really glad I had the time to go. Right afterward I had to work though, and it was a slow afternoon so until the very end I had nothing to do, then suddenly five garbage cans (which had been half empty for hours) filled up in minutes, and people started making lots of messes as they left en masse. I don't ever want to work in foodservice again. Only one more Saturday... one more which I'm working overtime on. Then I'm done with my Saturday shifts forever. After work I ran for the theater (thank goodness it's next door), crammed dinner into my mouth and watched a great play put on by our student theatre group, of which I am a part. They are awesome and the freshmen make good actors. Yay. Overall, it's been a good day. I just wish someone would be online so I could talk now.


  1. We're not that far *Hugs*

    Give it some time, and we'll be together on a permanant basis =)

    I love you

  2. Google normally does a pretty good job with links, but if you're really interested in who's linking to you, check out Technorati. Here's the link checking who links to your page Technorati: White Coral Bells. Thanks for the link back, by the way. I appreciate it. Keep blogging, I love your stuff!