Saturday, April 23, 2005



*sniffle* I believe I've gotten some sort of cold.

When I realized it was sneaking up on me last night I made and drank enough tea to sink a small boat, and took a vitamin and went to bed. I'm a firm believer in the power of tea to fix everything ice cream doesn't (and a few things it does).

Maybe it was the wrong kind of tea. Despite getting only nine hours of sleep my body refuses to let me crawl back into bed and stay there. "You slept in 3 hours already!" says my self to me, and I say "Self, you're sick. You need sleep, just go back to bed."

Maybe I'll find something to eat and make myself some more tea. Armed with tea and a good book and the Kleenex, I can get through a cold well enough. The thesis rewrite can wait until my head stops feeling like a sodden cottonball (heavy and fuzzy at the edges).

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