Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I'm going to a concert tonight. I'm not going because I know any of the bands, though. I simply volunteered to write up the review of the concert for Friday's issue of The Penn. It's sponsored by a group called Alternative Press and according to the people who've heard of the bands, they lean toward emo. Well, as another Penn writer said on Monday: "as long as they're not screamo." If it was screaming death-metal I'd have said no, but I think I can handle excessive unprovoked angst for a few hours.

The newspaper is hiring for next fall, too. Being a writer (or a hopeful writer, as this is my first assignment that I'll be able to actually get started on) I am automatically in the running for a position and will be considered a little ahead of other non-writer applicants. That's good, because The Penn pays writers well and probably has good wages for its full time staff as well. Besides, a career in journalism might be fun :) It will certainly give me a chance to exercise my writing and social skills.

Right. So I was talking about the band(s). There are five of them performing, which means short sets and lots of pauses to change them. A Google search for Straylight Run, the headlining band, reveals that yes, they are indeed emo. Oh, joy. The song titles on their music page are appropriately angst-ridden, and the music is delightfully soft. There's a girl in the band, too. That rocks.

I'd best go look up the other bands so I can get ready for what I'm jumping into tonight ^_^

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