Sunday, April 17, 2005

Yes, well.

--This is a really self-centered entry. It's probably not worth your time.--

It's been a relatively productive day, as far as most of my days go, but I don't really feel as though I've done much. I just went about my tasks this morning, got everything done by 4:30, even with a long break to read blogs, and went to sleep until just before the evening's excitement began. TOST meeting, a foreign film, and home to write my critique so I can turn it in tomorrow... right? No. I hadn't talked to Rick all day - he was 'online' but not there, and didn't reply to me on msn. When I walked in I sat down to start typing and Rick signed on, and then the phone rang - it was Dad/Jamie. I chatted with Jamie a little bit. She made Seuss meow into the phone for me,and then she hung up to call VQ. I don't know why, but hearing that cat made me cry... I guess I'm homesick still. When I got off the phone Ellisa was online, and we talked but I wanted to do my homework so I told her I was going. Rick talked, too... but not long. He hasn't had time to chat for long periods of time lately, being at Jane's and all. I'm glad that he's enjoying his break but at the same time there's some part of me that's being very clingy and wants him to drop everything and come back here.

He's coming on Tuesday. I should be glad that I get the day off and have the whole day to spend with him and won't have to worry about homework or classes or anything really terribly important... And I am. I'm incredibly grateful that it worked out this way. I just wish Tuesday would get here faster. And that my article for the Penn would write itself, along with the fine arts critique I'm now putting off. I can't find anything to say about the film. I guess it was good, but I just don't have much of an opinion on it, and I didn't take notes, and I don't care. It's just a film. I saw it, I picked up on a line they censored, I noticed that it actually had a plot.

The people next door in Mara's room are loud, again. Cheryl's over there - I just heard her laugh. She has a really unique laugh. Really deep, really loud, really annoying at 11pm. Damn them all. They're laughing over something, talking loudly, ignoring the fact that it's 11 on a Sunday and they might just have neighbors who are actually working or trying to sleep. Of course, they wouldn't think. 'Considerate' is not a word most people remember these days, unless they want someone else to remember it for them. I wonder if banging on the wall will help.

It's almost funny. I'm not tired, really, because I slept for twelve hours last night plus two this afternoon and only left my room a few times. It's not as though I've had an exhausting day, even though Saturday sucked a lot of energy. I'm just in a bad mood from missing family and friends and wanting school to end already and knowing how much more work I have to do before things will be over and knowing I can't reach out for anyone right now, because who would listen, and what would I say anyway?

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  1. *Hugs tight* MSN was on sporadically throughout the day without me here...

    Sorry I haven't been on a lot...

    Today we went to a horse show at her barn, and I helped her take a few horses out to walk them and let them graze a bit...^^ And we took the 'Vette, Jane and I, but I couldn't drive it :(

    Then after that we got Chinese food, all of us for dinner, and I came online for a bit (You were out at the time) then it occured to me I could use Jane's phone to call Tarah, so I talked to her a bit, and got online again, watched the end of Oceans 11 with J+J, then some of the news, and planned visiting Tarah tomorrow, as well as the rest of the day's activities, with Jane.

    Tomorrow's plans will be in my blog, as an excuse to update.