Thursday, November 24, 2005

At least the pie is good...

So here I sit in front of my mother's clunky old desktop, wishing I had a laptop to write on so I could get something done for NaNo (which I will once again lose). My livejournal friends' page indicates that most of my college friends are scattered to their respective homes for the break (the school was only providing limited housing over break). It's also indicating that none of them are that happy to be home. Sure, it's great to see my little sisters again, but in all honesty I'd rather have gone to my boyfriend's Thanksgiving meal than my own. His family wanted me there; my family saw him walk in last night when I came back from visiting with him, and pretty much ignored him. -_-

Sure, he's not Mr. Perfect, and he acts immature sometimes - so do we all. What I don't understand is why my little sister was staring at him like she wanted to push him out the door as fast as possible, or why my mother was too busy arranging placemats to see how they'd look to even ask him about work or his family. It made me feel like he was unwanted here, which was an insult to me as much as to him. Goddamnit. My mother says the siblings are suffering from 'in-law syndrome', but that's crazy, considering mom doesn't think we should even stay together. She wants us to break up so I can shop around for someone better. The middle sister agrees and the little one, even though she's 13 and angsty, agrees in less eloquent terms - she throws adolescent insults at him ("You're nuttier than a squirrel turd!" was her favorite for a while). I am not happy about this, obviously, but I'm sure everyone's heard enough of my whining. On to Thanksgiving.

Mom got a 14lb turkey for 7 people. Yipe. She also did mashed potatoes, squash, Great-Aunt Someone's Cranberry Salad (pretty good stuff), stuffing, gravy, the works. It was good food and there was plenty of it. Then we sat around for a while and came back to the table later for pie. Mmm, pumpkin and apple with vanilla ice cream :). And then my stepbrother and his when-are-they-going-to-get-married girlfriend (they've been together since before he moved out 3 years ago) took off for home, and I washed some of the dishes before we ran out of hot water. Fun thing about living in an old house is that the water heater never quite keeps up with the demands of a family of 5, especially when all of them are at home. It also means that the dishwasher isn't a machine - it's usually a kid. I wonder how many people actually wash dishes by hand these days. Kids are missing out on so much fun...

There is what looks like two and a half feet of snow outside, most of which fell last night. This morning I was amazed by the blizzard even though I've lived in New York most of my life and should be used to the sudden winters. Back at school there was no snow yet and the roses outside Fisher Auditorium were still blooming.

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  1. Happy Turkey day! Strange how you can't wait to get back to college, huh? (At least that's the case with me).