Friday, November 18, 2005

A Dream

I had a dream last night. I don't remember anything of what it was about, but there was a girl in it. I remember that part because she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. She was a modern Helen of Troy, the person I might steal away and someone would want to send a million war planes after. She was Plato's Form of Beauty incarnate. Flawless. Her exact appearance is a blur, though; it was only because she looked up from doing something that I noticed her at all. I think I was handing her and her friend something, and she looked up and in the dream I think she smiled, but all I really remember is the awake part of my brain snapping to attention and saying "WOW!" and then I lost the dream thread and couldn't find it again.
I have absolutely no idea why I just dreamed the most stunningly gorgeous woman in the world. I also have no idea why I tried to remember her face and thought "She looks a little bit like Tarah."
A lot of people I know say dreams mean something. I'm sure in some way they do, because there have been many times when I've been able to attribute some emotion or occurance to something that happened in my dreams, but at the same time I don't think they can ever be taken at face value. Dreams are curious things. People write books about them, give speeches about them, base careers off interpreting them. Everyone and their grandmother has their own interpretation of symbolism in dreams, too. Some people think they can read into their own, some are good at reading into other peoples'. My friend and I used to try to interpret each other's dreams, and I got pretty good at telling her things that applied to her life, but I doubt I could do it with a stranger.
Something that strikes me as odd about myself is that I can't ever remember dreaming about flying. I've heard that dreaming of flight is one of the most common dreams people have, but I don't remember even a single flight, and only two or three when I awoke because I thought I was actually falling.
On a less odd topic, it snowed all day yesterday. None of it stuck, of course, despite hope that it would. In my opinion if it's going to snow it ought to do so furiously and drop at least a foot on the ground, or leave off entirely and give us some more sunny days.
I haven't heard anything about the riots in France, or hurricane cleanup, or politics lately. Actually, national/world news hasn't been making it into hearing range much these days and I think I should read the NY Times but I don't have it. Time, that is. The newspaper is delivered daily, for free.


  1. Some say and I agree that if you want to interpret your dreams you need to develope your own personal dream dictionary. Same with clairvoyance. Although there are common symbols and archeotypes one can use. Do you have issues with Tara? It snowed all day here but only less than an inch stuck. Cassadaga got a foot or so and a horrendous snow storm for the evening commute. Sunny now and cold. Brrrr...

  2. Heh heh... I'd elaborate about Tarah for you, but Dawn would beat me senseless. :)

  3. I've dreamt about flying many times. =P


    and EWWWWWW..