Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Here we go again...

Here we sit like birdies in the wilderness,
Birdies in the wilderness,
Birdies in the wilderness,
Here we sit like birdies in the wilderness,
Waiting for...

My mother, who said she was leaving at 6am to get here by 8:30, is LATE. I can think up several reasons for this, though. A) I don't care if you leave at 4am, you're going to hit construction, hills and probably rain/snow on the way down here. Never have I gotten from home to the dorm in two and a half hours, even going 60 down the winding hills the whole way. B) She got up late. It invariably happens that something sets her back from the start, and it's either waking up late or sitting in front of the computer for an hour. C)She's standing outside in the cold because she forgot the phone number to my room so she can tell me she's here. If this is the case she's not only late, she's silly, because I tell her every time I see her, and I went out to get food 45 minutes ago when I expected her to be arriving, and she wasn't there. Meh.

I'm going to be rather put out if I'm late for this appointment because I didn't have a ride. It will grind the fact that I don't have my own transportation very deeply into my already tender sense of pride. I try very hard not to depend on other people if I can do it myself, and waiting for oft-late rides makes me fidgety. At least if I was driving I'd have an excuse - I've been lost ten miles from home before.

I'm finally going home for Thanksgiving - and planning on spending most of my time at home locked in my room. Actually I'm planning on spending most of the time up north away from home. I have friends to reconnect with and places to revisit and I don't want to be trapped in a smoke-filled house with my ever-present younger sisters and their special brand of insanity. I love you guys, don't get me wrong, but yikes.
..okay, mom's here. Off for another 5 hours in a car.

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  1. I definitely want you to take some pictures for me (of toast, among other things), so... what day is good for you? Saturday, was it?

    Plus I just wanna see you. Maybe you can meet teh boy, idk.