Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What, therefore, should we do?

There is a new magazine starting up here in the Honors College (and soon to expand outside of it). It's called edgewise, and while I think the website could use another design opinion (or at least a flash-less version for those of us who like plain HTML), the magazine itself seems really interesting. At least, the idea does. They're going for a concept called "fusion journalism" which aims to combine six sub-areas under one umbrella topic every month. The areas range from sports to economics, which means it's got something for everyone, but it also makes one wonder exactly how they're going to manage to put everything together in a way that relates back to the core issue. Well, I'm willing to try it.

The concept, as explained by the editor, is something like our Honors Core - we take one subject or issue and look at it from a circle of disciplines. In core they're history, literature, philosophy, music, and science. In the magazine, they're Culture and Fashion, Economics, Politics and Law, Sports, Arts and Science and something else I can't remember. It's cool, in a very intellectual sense. On a random note, "cool" is now an acronym for something undiscussable... or so the boys I'm tutoring tell me. I said they were cool kids assuming that a few years wouldn't have changed the meaning of the word, and they laughed and said "eww, do you know what that means?". (Actually I have the feeling I heard them tell me or each other what it meant at the beginning of the sessions, but can't remember)

So back to Edgewise. We had a meeting tonight and discussed what the holiday issue would be about. Most of us liked the idea of doing a holiday issue related to Christmas - specifically, What is the Meaning of Christmas? It's going to be fun. We tossed out some ideas, figured out that we could pretty easily come up with some nice articles on consumerism and the Christmas spirit, and left. I like this magazine staff. They appreciate humor. :)

But the day isn't ending on the greatest of notes again. I'm falling behind in word count and suddenly have the awful feeling that November is going to look rather like October did: miserable. It seems that for every little good thing, something larger and awful happens. I guess I just want one day this month when I can sit down at the end and say "I had a wonderful day."

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