Sunday, November 06, 2005


Nature has a sense of humor. Unfortunately, so do I. The day started out beautifully (aside from some strong gusts of wind) and when I joined the group going to the Humane Society I decided to go with the walkers because heck, it was a great day to take a walk. In fact, it was too nice to be November. Nature seemed like it was having fun by making it feel like summer again. "Nature, I hate you." I told the sky, because it's not fair to withhold weather like this until so late in the year. I could have used it last week when it was cold and icky out and I needed to feel better. Anyway... two minutes after I said that, the wind picked up and the rain started. And it just kept raining harder, and the wind got even worse, until at one point it was just blasting us with horizontal droplets. I laughed like crazy at this, especially when it quit just before we got to the HS building. So we walked in soaking wet, and were giggling about how we'd probably end up covered in cat fur. I did, too. It was a good few hours.

Then things got icky. I was cold on the way back because my jacket and jeans were still damp and the wind was still pretty strong. I got back here and talked to my boyfriend and he had some upsetting news. And then my mother called to give me more unhappy news and tell me that she didn't want me to see the neurologist after all because, hey, if one of the vertebrae is misaligned isn't it a chiropractic thing? So now she wants me to get the neurologist to look at the scans before I go in, which means I have to get the hospital to send them to the neurologist and hope that they get looked at and I get a response before the 22nd. And maybe I'll have to go to someone else instead. Joy, more running through red tape. Why couldn't they have just fucking told me it might be a problem WHILE I WAS STILL IN THE E.R.? Anyway.

And the meeting we had for my theatre group didn't get anywhere, really. A lot of people bitched about certain things and suggested the same things we've been suggesting and the president was far too agreeable with things and the only progress that was made in my opinion was the notation to appoint someone new as webmaster, because she wants to do it and our current officer is graduating.

I don't know. Things just... meh.

Oh. And my word count is currently 10,387. I'm 385 words ahead of the minimum for today. This isn't bad, but it's certainly not great considering how busy I'm going to be the next few days.


  1. Meh.

    That's a great word.

    Good luck with the book; I look forward to reading it, and keep looking at life with the great positive p.o.v you have!


  2. Thanks :) Knowing someone else wants to read my awful novel means I'll have to finish it. Yay, motivation!